Only one fil rouge: our emotion springs from the sites we know and,
once again, go on surprising ourselves.

Our task seeks to support you in the flawless organization of your wedding.
After doing first moves, that is selecting the ideal location and examining every perspective with our suppliers, we will plan a custom-made wedding to completely satisfy your dreams, because no event is like another one, and each one has got its unmistakable style, absolutely unique.

Exclusive weddings in an isle that gets a wonderful and unimaginable landscape!

We give the magnificence of our territory

We give a dream

It’s essential planning the wedding day and paying specific attention to every single detail to guarantee result and success. Planning weddings, we give value to our clients’ choices; we are used to support them in the creation of a project that may reflect their story, their style and themselves.
We will realize with you any event that may represent your love story, suggesting choices in line with your style and your desires, looking after your guests and delighting them at the same time, and above all, making fascinating and magic the atmosphere you will always remember.

staff 2

  • Martina Botti
    Destination Wedding Photographer

    She is able to move through every shot!

    Martina has a degree in Marketing and Advertising and is passionate about communication through the imagine.
    She is based in Palermo but works all over Italy and Europe as a destination wedding photographer.Martina has a degree in Marketing and Advertising and is passionate about communication through the imagine.
    What about her style? Unique and emotional. She captures every little gesture, a smile, a tear, a laugh.
    When you look at her photos, you see real moments, all emotions from your wedding will come back to you
    and it will be the best way to re-live some of your favourite memories.
  • Laura Comparetto
    Wedding Planner

    “Good taste arises from simple things”

    This is one of the main and deep Laura’s conviction. She was born and raised in Palermo and she knows a lot of the charming wonders that Sicily has got to offer. Her professional and successful experiences take place from 2000 becoming holder and technical director of her travel agency, gaining a whole knowledge of Sicily and interesting in incoming. From the meeting with foreign tourists, she has felt need to enhance her competences as a Wedding Planner, deciding to frequent different courses at the Academy of Events in Rome.
    In this way she has mastered about the planning and the organization of events.
    Furthermore she has got an excellent relational and organizational ability that completes
    her eclectic and imaginative character which is inclined to beauty and elegance.
  • Toti & Katia Frascati
    Floral Designer

    Floral Arrangements Designers For Passion

    Frascati brothers plan and organize original and elegant floral decorations with creativity, art and harmony. Their creations, characterized by an apotheosis of shapes, colours and perfumes, are realized through a constant research and care of details, as well as through a wise technique and multi-annual experience. In their laboratory they shape and mold various kinds of flowers, trying to remain true to its nature. Observing, studying and assembling, they respect every single flower, every single part of it; its shape, its colour and its natural beauty.